decoding + recoding architectural history

The Project

Architecture is not always permanent. Erosive building materials, rapid modernization and – most recently in places like Syria and Iraq – war, all play critical roles in determining the survival and legacy of vernacular architecture. With this in mind, it is our aim to document pervasive patterns in monumental Central Asian architecture and tile-work that have survived. By preserving the rich history of the art we can make it accessible to the current day architect through an open source Grasshopper plug-in for easy panelization of tessellated tile patterns. This process will both create a record of these works for future generations as well as allow them to be translated into something completely modern and malleable.

The Team

While New York City is a vast network of some of the most tallented and intelligent people in the world, specilization seems to rule. Lauren, Baris and Alexis decided to team up switching gears from their traditional roles in architecture and software engineering to collaborate and produce something more than the sum of it’s parts.

The Inspiration

There are countless ways we have been inspired in the process of developing a travel schedule. Instagram, recently, has been a way for us to collect some of our favorite images from across the web in one place.

Thank you to the Center for Architecture for making this project possible.